The first owners of the land used it to profit from the maple products. The land went from the heirs of Pierre-François Cazeau to Jean-Baptiste Laurin. It's this same Cazeau who sold the road between the Petit Brûlé to the land north of the du Chêne river. Three generations of Laurin are back to back owners of these lands. Jean-Baptiste gave three pieces of land north of the du Chêne river to his son when he died on the 29th of May 1881. In 1903 François-Xavier gave some property including the sugar shack to his son Théodule as a wedding gift. Unfortunately, Théodule died young. His widow, Marie-Louise Renaud marries Adélard Lalande in May of 1909 and gave him the lands and buildings inherited from her first husband. Marie-Louise Renaud is well known for her welcoming receptions. The house was always full of people and the table always full of food. A hungry person was never unwelcome. This attitude is certainly at the origin of a long tradition in the Lalande family. Over the years she mastered the hard labor of sugar time and the joy of sharing the experience with others. Many culinary traditions are born in this period and are enjoyed by those who since 1913 make it a habit of a sugaring off at Lalande every year.

In 1935, Adélard Lalande sold his son Sylvio the house, the farm and the sugar shack. In December of the same year, Sylvio married Carmelle Lafrance; the help had arrived to develop and continue the family traditions. In a short time, the dining room became too small and had to be expanded. Fire did not spare the Cabane à sucre Lalande buildings. In 1950 fire broke out in the kitchen and in 1965 another fire destroyed a new room that had been used only once. After Sylvio Lalande's death, his three sons; Adélard, Michel and Normand became involved in the business and took on great challenges. In 1977 renovations started. The kitchen had to meet new standards. The dinning room was enlarged to suit the demand of continuously increasing guests and in 1978 a multi-purpose room was added to the dinning room. In 1989Michel became the only owner of the family business. Since the summer of 1990, the "théâtre des Érables" presents many artistic productions. Michel keeps on developing other ancestral traditions while his wife, Francine Bianco takes care of the kitchen and overall energy of the enterprise.

Eighty years went by since the first sugaring off party and it's certain that with the collaboration of the next generation, we will be celebrating the hundred year anniversary of the cabane à sucre Lalande wile eating a wonderful traditional meal.